Solving Condensation in Hornchurch, Essex

Condensation is probably the most common cause of dampness within buildings. A report by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) estimated that one-and-a-half million homes in the UK are badly affected by condensation. Condensation occurs when warm moist air is cooled and no longer has the capacity to hold so much water in vapour form. Typically, this can be seen to occur at cold surfaces such as windowpanes as mist or cold water pipes as droplets of water. Based in Hornchurch, Essex, we provide dependable condensation treatments.

Points to Consider

The amount of moisture within the air in a building varies continuously. Certain lifestyle activities generate moisture. These will increase the amount of moisture in the air. Examples of these include cooking, drying clothes, bathing, and even breathing. Such activities need not always produce a condensation problem. For example, the moisture may be dispersed out through an open window or extractor fan, or it may condense on a nearby windowpane and be easily wiped away. It is where the moist air goes, and the temperature of the surfaces it goes to, that will determine whether a condensation problem is produced.

Typically, moisture generated in the kitchen and bathroom might escape into the whole house. This could result in some local visible condensation in the kitchen and bathroom, no signs of a problem in the living room, but some damp patches and mould on walls in the bedroom.

The increase in humidity is the main source of mould growth. These are often the first visible sign that a problem is present. A successful strategy for fighting condensation will usually depend on several factors, since these will be most likely to produce a successful result.

The Main Methods of Treatment

  • Reduce Humidity
  • Improve Air Circulation
  • Improve Insulation

There are a number of ways of dealing with each factor and the most appropriate will depend on the individual property. It is generally true that more than one factor will require modification. It makes good sense to start with the simplest and least expensive option which typically might be the installation of extractor fans in kitchen and bathroom, the places where most of the airborne moisture is generated.

Additional Services

In addition to condensation treatments, we also provide rising damp treatments.

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