Eliminate Rising Damp in Hornchurch, Essex

The term rising damp refers to moisture which rises through brick or masonry walls. Our team in Hornchurch, Essex, describes walls as almost sponge-like in their ability to pull up damp from the ground. Damp walls cause damage to decoration, plastering, structural timbers, and furniture. It’s potentially unhealthy, so get in touch with our team to have it eliminated swiftly.

What Causes Rising Damp?

When buildings are constructed, a rising damp barrier is usually installed in the form of a damp-proof course. This is an integral part of the construction. When this barrier becomes damaged or has not been installed correctly, rising damp is the result. Other factors, such as condensation, leaking gutters or downpipes, soil-retaining walls, or leaking plumbing, could contribute.

A Tailored Approach

When it comes to rising damp, there’s no single solution. Instead, we:

  • Complete a Detailed Survey to Identify the Cause of the Damp
  • Produce a Detailed Report
  • Carry Out Remedial Work to Solve the Problem

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is a very serious problem. It can get into your property via the roof, walls, the pointing, or even the sub-ground areas. If you notice any damp, strange watermarks, suspicious growths of mould, or unusual smells, you may be looking at a penetrating damp problem. Any damage to timber or plaster can also be a sign.

Water will always follow the path of least resistance. unfortunately, this means that penetrating damp problems are primarily caused by issues with the external envelope of the building itself. This could be anything from porous masonry or render, damage to the roof or rainwater goods, and defective window and door pointing.

Plumbing Leaks

Looking after a property can be quite a tough task, not easily undertaken without the proper skills. The truth is that maintaining any building is a job for several trades, and this can lead to miscommunication – different contractors hired from different companies can misunderstand each other’s remit and this in turn leads to jobs done poorly. A plumbing leak is a common issue which can lead to deterioration of the property’s fabric.

Wide-Ranging Assistance

Our team of property maintenance experts is drawn from every trade necessary in order to provide a comprehensive maintenance programme. This includes everything from plumbing and electrics through to painting and decorating. Maintenance can be carried out on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing maintenance contract.


The first thing that separates flood, fire, and storm damage from any other property repair problem is how suddenly it occurs. It can be catastrophic to the property affected; you may suspect a dry rot problem or rising damp issue for a while, but the kind of cataclysmic damage we are talking about when it comes to water damage comes along very abruptly and sometimes without warning. To make matters worse, it is normally pretty severe, which is why you need someone like Alldry Property Services to take care of your water damage repair quickly and effectively.

What We Cover

We cover all associated building works. This includes moving and replacing kitchens, bathrooms, and radiators, so there is no need for you to spend time dealing with many different contractors. Any survey can be carried out at times to suit you.

Additional Services

In addition to rising damp treatments, we also provide dry rot treatments.

Contact us today, in Hornchurch, Essex, for details about our rising damp and damp wall solutions.