Effective Woodworm Treatments in Hornchurch, Essex

Woodworm is the most common name for the larvae of woodboring beetles. This type of beetle is usually found in households, from early spring-time to mid-autumn. Based in Hornchurch, Essex, our professionals offer first-rate woodworm treatments to deter these seasonal pests.

A Seasonal Threat

From April to October each year, woodworm may target any home with exposed, untreated timber in the interior or exterior. The chances are that your home will be affected by woodworm at some point. These pests are so small that you may not notice their arrival. From fixtures to floor boards, the average home is made up of 70% timber.

 Signs of Infestation

It’s typically easy to tell if your home has woodworm damage. While the beetles themselves are elusive, they leave small, round holes in the timber where they have tunnelled through. You’ll also notice dust gathering near and on the timber. This is the result of the woodworm boring through the timber. If you notice weak or damaged flooring, this could also be a form of woodworm damage. Be sure to get in touch with us to provide a woodworm treatment before so much damage is inflicted that the floor collapses.

Woodworm Treatment

To fully remove a woodworm infestation from your home, the only option is to have a comprehensive chemical spray treatment. This will be safely carried out in controlled conditions by one of our fully trained operatives. We suggest that you also investigate any damp problems within your home, as dry wood is not usually affected. If you do have damp within your home, it could become re-infected later.

Additional Services

In addition to woodworm treatments, we also provide basement treatments.

Contact our woodworm specialists today, in Hornchurch, Essex, to arrange our woodworm treatment.