Capable Wet Rot Treatments in Hornchurch, Essex

There are two main types of rot in timber, and they can appear to be very similar. Our team in Hornchurch, Essex, knows exactly how to identify wet rot before delivering an effective wet rot treatment.

Identify Wet Rot

If you notice strange fungus growing on timber, and it starts to look bleached – or paint starts to flake – it’s worth investigating. When wood feels soft or starts to crumble, you may well have a wet rot problem. If you’re unsure, simply get in touch with our professional team.

What is Wet Rot?

Wet rot is a fungal infestation that thrives in damp conditions and causes the timber of your home to deteriorate. Exterior problems, including leaking roofs, gutters, and problems with stone pointing, can allow damp into your home. Some internal issues may have the same result, such as leaking radiators, or rising damp. Once you’ve got a wet rot problem, you need to get it sorted out as soon as possible.

Delivering the Treatment

Wet rot is a serious problem, but stopping it means stopping the dampness. Get rid of the underlying source of the damp and you’re on the way to getting rid of the problem. After we’ve carried out a free survey, we may need to expose the building fabric to assess the full extent of the wet rot. Once this is done, we’ll repair the timber which has been affected or replace it. We’ll also carry out chemical treatments and install damp proof barriers to protect the timbers.

Additional Services

In addition to wet rot treatments, we also provide woodworm treatments.

Contact our wet rot removal specialists, in Hornchurch, Essex, for effective wet rot treatments.